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Here’s How it Works:

The first thing you get as a client is your own local telephone number. Once vetted and verified, this is the number that our system will use to send and receive text messages on your behalf. If you would prefer to use an area code that is not local to you, we can set that up as well.

Step 1: Setup your CAPTURE KEYWORDS and Auto-Responders.

These are the automatic messages that get sent to your prospects as soon as they text your KEYWORD to your custom Text Announce tool-free number. You can create a simple “Thank you for Opting-In” Message, or get more advanced by sending them a text with specific information about a product or service. Real Estate agents may wish to use their codes for specific properties, sending instant property information when a prospect requests it.

Step 2: Generate leads and build mobile marketing lists of interested prospects.

Promote your KEYWORDS, i.e. “Text “KEYWORD” to (888) 555-5555”, in your print, radio, TV ads, store window, classroom, display booth, or anywhere else to engage the attention of prospects and capture actionable leads. By allowing people to opt-in to your campaign by texting your KEYWORD to your TEXT Announce toll-free number, you can use SMS Lead Generation to collect mobile phone numbers of prospective customers, students, employees – anyone interested in your product, service, company, or alerts. You can also manually upload the leads that you have acquired from a different source.

Step 3: Setup SMS group messages to send to your leads and contacts.

You can create different campaigns and schedule them to go out on specific days. You can also send messages to specific contacts reminding them of an appointment on a certain day and time. The group messaging tool is where you can get creative with your marketing efforts!


Check out some examples by Texting the Following Codes to (888) 270-7727.

  • For Real Estate: text 123Main to ((888) 270-7727
  • For Restaurant / Bar: text JoesBistro to (888) 270-7727
  • For Salon / Pet Grooming text: PetStop to (888) 270-7727
  • For DDS / Medical text: DrSmith to (888) 270-7727
  • For Educators text: MrBox to (888) 270-7727