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SMS Event Calendar

Our Calendar tool allows you to easily add or view upcoming events.  Schedule appointments, team practices, and important events – you can even create a personal event and send an SMS reminder to yourself!

Scheduling text messages is extremely easy. TEXT Announce offers several flexible options for setting up your texts to send either to a single person or large groups of contacts all at once.

How it works

Create a New Event
The first step in creating a new calendar event is to choose which group you’d like to send to. You’ll be provided with a simple dropdown to select from. Additionally, you may opt to schedule a message to a single individual. When you add events to the calendar, you are automatically given the option to send a text reminder prior to and on the day of the appointment.

Create Your Message
Next, you simply need to provide the content of your text message. This may be for an appointment reminder for a specific individual, or it could be a text blast sent to a large group with a discount code.

Choose When to Send
The last step in creating an event is to specify when your message will be sent. Messages can be sent out multiple times starting 5 days prior to the event. You can even choose the exact time of day to send your message. Once ready, simply click the “Schedule SMS” button and you’re all set!

You can review events on the calendar by clicking on the date!