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Lead Capture

Generate leads and build mobile marketing lists of interested prospects.

Capture leads by promoting your KEYWORDS in your print, radio, TV ads, store window, classroom, display booth, or anywhere you do business.

Text DEMO to 888-270-7727

By allowing people to opt-in to your campaign and by texting your Keyword to your unique Toll-Free number, you can generate leads and collect mobile numbers of prospective customers, students, employees – anyone interested in your product, service, company, or alerts. You can also manually upload additional mobile leads that you have acquired from different sources.

Send messages to your leads, contacts, and groups. You can create different campaigns and schedule them to go out on specific days. You can also send messages to specific contacts reminding them of an appointment on a certain day and time. The group messaging tool is where you can get creative with your marketing efforts!

SMS is the preferred method of contact!

Text messages are open and read within 90 seconds. While social media and email are important, many people prefer the ease and simplicity of text communication.