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Instant Leads

Instant Leads & the Importance of Quick Follow-up

Getting leads is critical to helping grow your business. Quick follow-up could mean all the difference between a dead-end lead and a closed deal. Lead Alert allows you to receive instant leads via text message — sent immediately to your mobile device so you can follow up with your prospects in real-time. For a Realtor, Imagine being able to contact a lead while they are still standing in front of their listing – that would be the ultimate in lead capture!

56% of prospects expect to be contacted within 30 minutes.

Our service enables you to do just that. With our Lead Alert service, your SMS leads can be sent immediately to your text-enabled cell phone.

89% of prospects rate agent response time as Very Important.

Quick follow-up can turn a prospect into a lifelong customer. Once you have a new subscriber, it is important that you immediately follow up with that prospect. Our SMS Auto-Responders allows you to set up auto-reply messages that go out on your behalf immediately when a prospect uses a Keyword to subscribe to your campaign.