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Appointment Reminders

With our Appointment Reminder tool, you can set up reminders that will automatically be sent to your clients prior to their appointment. You can choose to send just one reminder, or a series of reminders, alerting your customer 5 days, 1 day and even on the day of their appointment.

If you haven’t already seen this tool in action, you soon will. Thousands of Dentists, Hair Stylists, Pet Groomers and more are using SMS Appointment Reminders to ensure that their clients never miss an appointment. With our service, your clients can respond to confirm their appointment, and we will save this data in your account.


To see it in action, test the following from your text-enabled phone.

Did you know …

  • 70% of U.S. consumers appreciate getting texts or emails from healthcare providers. (Loyalty 360)
  • Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate. (Mobile Marketing Watch)
  • Text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate. (Velocify)